Retail Financial Advisors

Retail investors with questions about existing Eagle accounts, must instead contact their financial advisor.

Phone: 1.800.237.3101


Eagle Asset Management
880 Carillon Parkway,
St. Petersburg, Florida 33716

Financial advisors either use the map and list below or the Contact Us button above to contact a sales associate.

Eagle Retail Sales Map

Richard Rossi
President and
Co-chief Operating Officer

Kevin Starnes
Director of Retail Sales

Brian Freeman, CIMA®
Director of Internal Sales

Andrew Gotfried, CIMA®
National Accounts Manager

Ham Moshell
National Accounts

Casey Ahern
National Accounts


Region 1
Ralph Primavera

Region 2
Michael Buchanan

Region 3
Pete Wehle, CIMA®

Region 4
Jack Van Dyke

Region 5
Cassandra Christopher


Region 1A A – Justin Lauri, CFA Region 2A A – Chris Connolly Region 3A A – Sean Quigley, CIMA® Region 4A A – Doron Eisenscher Region 5A A – Will Taylor, CIMA®
Region 1B B – Chad Stone Region 2B B – Joe Centofonti Region 3B B – Julian Lane, CIMA® Region 4B B – Brian Meidlinger Region 5B B – Duc Nguyen
Region 1C C – Shane Coley, CFP Region 2C C – Ben Hammel Region 3C C – Ryan Gainsford Region 4C C – Ryan Steele, CFA Region 5C C – Jim Parrish


Jeremy Perrin Daniel Robinson Lauren Ahern Meghan Kitzinger, CIMA® Ralph Profeta, CIMA®



Region 5 Region 3 Region 3 Region 2 Region 4 Region 1