ClariVest Asset Management LLC

Founded March 2006, ClariVest Asset Management LLC is an asset management firm founded on the idea that clarity in the investment process is critical to maintaining strong performance and client relationships. The firmís core philosophy revolves around the idea that all companies experience earnings cycles, investors react inefficiently to these cycles, and this interaction between the cycling of company fundamentals and investor sentiment can earn excess return for its clients.

ClariVest Asset Management LLC | An Affiliate of Eagle Asset Management

Cougar Global Investments

Cougar Global, a tactical ETF global investment strategist, uses a disciplined portfolio construction methodology with downside risk management. The team practices a unique approach to global investing based on its Multiple Economic Scenario Outlook (MES), using a one year forecast horizon. The investment process incorporates leading edge research into the behavior of capital markets and global asset classes in order to determine how they will behave under various macroeconomic scenarios.

Cougar Global Investments | An Affiliate of Eagle Asset Management