Many companies with promising fundamental outlooks remain relatively undervalued. The Eagle Value program offers investors the opportunity to purchase stock in such ventures that we feel are priced at a discount to the underlying value of the company.

The Eagle Value team identifies investment opportunities based on the following criteria:

Fundamental research

  • Experienced management, well-defined company strategy, financial stability and positive industry outlook
  • Presence of a catalyst to unlock unrealized value
  • Poised to experience positive earnings growth in response to cyclical movements of the economy

Attractive valuation criteria

  • Low price-to-estimated earnings per share
  • Low price-to-book
  • Low price-to-cash flow
  • Low price-to-sales

Sell discipline

  • Degeneration of valuation support resulting from price appreciation
  • Deterioration of company fundamentals
  • Occupation of too large a portion of total portfolio
  • Development of more attractive investment opportunity