Defined Contribution Investment Only

Eagle Family of Funds has a dedicated team that focuses on the Defined Contribution-Investment Only (DCIO) marketplace.

The Defined Contribution-Investment Only business refers to investment-management mandates awarded within qualified retirement plans such as 401(k), 403(b) and 457 plans.

Eagle Funds offers high-end boutique products that specialize in asset classes that many consider critical to the average 401(k) participant, focusing on the capacity-constrained or performance-challenged areas of small and mid growth. In addition, we have niche products in the large growth, large blend, small core and foreign large blend asset classes.

We employ a diverse and seasoned team of in-house fund managers.

Our managers seek competitive performance and positive alpha, and employ risk-management policies that generally pursue lower betas and standard deviations: a good fit for any retirement plan.

We offer all nine Eagle Funds in A, I, R3, R5 and R6 share classes with no current capacity constraints.

You will also find information on funds here in the Eagle Family of Funds Fund Guide.