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How are you charting the course for income?
Learn how our suite of strategies seeks to
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Our Philosophy

Our investment managers possess the rare talent and insight required to construct portfolios that add risk-adjusted return over the long term. Each strategy is supported by an independent research team dedicated to the specific investment strategy. We believe this approach builds strong chemistry and increases accountability.

Eagle Asset Management provides an array of equity, fixed income, and multi-asset-class strategies designed to meet the long-term goals of investors. Our independent investment teams have the autonomy to pursue investment decisions guided by their unique philosophies and strategies.

At the heart of every program is a strong focus on idea generation and proprietary research.

Our Strategies

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Our Insights & News

Market Insights

ESG–Focused Investing In U.S. Electric Utilities

In our view, the electric utility sector should not be avoided by long-term ESG investors.

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Four things to remember in 2023

Four things to remember in 2023

It may be premature to declare that the Fed has engineered a "soft landing."

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Four things to remember in 2023

Eagle Vermont Investment Team

From Theory to Practice | ESG Investing in U.S. Small-Cap Stocks.

In the realm of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, we see sustainability as a key driver of differentiation and ultimately a driver of alpha for companies that effectively incorporate ESG principles into their business practices.

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The Fed, Inflation, and Markets